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Jan 18 11 4:52 PM

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Some systemic enzymes like Nittokinase help to fight chronic bacterial infections by disturbing the biofilms.

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Mar 16 11 12:00 AM


Have you tried Nittokinase yet against Blasto? I have that and Serapetatse on my list of things to try. I am also very interested in LDN as a possible magic bullet. Trying to find anyone who may have also tried that?



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Mar 18 11 12:08 PM

Hi Homer37,

I'm sorry to reply to you late as I'm super busy lately.

Regarding your question about Nattokinase, No I never took it against blasto neither I took Serra. I believe that they might help. I have seen a picture of BH from electronic microscope. It shows that BH adheres to the mucusa with proteins ( actins, fibrins). I beliebe that they help but there is no prouves that BH can make biofilms like a bacteria. Bacterial biofilms are a real networks.

Protease inhibitors should be the best strategy to look for to shut down this beast. It uses protease to digest the antibodies. One cheap protease inhibitors is garlic ( frech garlic, don'T buy the one in capsule  because it's just a wate of money).


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Mar 22 11 3:20 PM


Nattokinase and Serrapeptase are wonderful and my symptoms are being reduced dramatically from them.  I have a friend who cured fibromyalgia with LDN.  I am in the process of getting LDN myself.  Also look into taking a bath with hydrogen peroxide (1 or 2 cups, not too warm) and DMSO (not sure how much yet) - this is something my naturopath told me recently and I am going to try once I get DMSO and find out how much to use.  You have to clean everything off of yourself and the bath because the DMSO will cause your body to absorb anything on your skin.  The DMSO and hydrogen peroxide are absorbed by your body.  Taking hydrogen peroxide by mouth doesn't work for me but bathing in it is supposedly better, so I'm going to try it.  Please be careful if you decide to try this because they are both potentially hazardous as I'm sure you know.  Watch this video about DMSO:  (there are 3 parts)

The root of CFS and fibromyalgia is thought to be viral infections altering host cell immunity processes (i.e., completely messing up your immune system and causing multiple infections as well as autoimmunity) so a good antiviral and vitamin C are important.  I will go to an infectious disease specialist to try to get long term antivirals, like valcyte, which have been shown by stanford studies to cure CFS in some people.  reference:
There are different antivirals that work for different people depending on what viruses you have.

these are just things I've learned from hundreds of hours of research as well as listening to the foremost experts in the field.  I am not a doctor, just a sufferer.  I am a biophysicist so I read biology papers all the time.  Stanford university is studying the viral connection to CFS most thoroughly, and they have many good resources on their website. 
Best of luck,

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