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Dec 8 10 7:43 AM

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Welcome to this new forum!  The purpose of this forum is to help people who are sick and suffering from parasitical infections who are usually classified as ' depressed patients with delusional thoughts' by the standards of Western medicine.  In this forum we will focus mainly on some debilitating infections such as Blastocytis.homonis, Giardia.intestinalis, Entomoeba.spp, Dientamoeba.fragilis.  We will also discuss other parasitical infections such as worm and fluckes.  Some bacterial infections will also be discussed such as H-pylori,  Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Lyme disease.  The forum will not tolerate any disrespectful comments.  Be positive, don't hurt other people's feelings and lets combine our efforts to find a better approach for better treatment strategies.  We encourage the forum members to provide scientific articles for their claims.  We also encourage members to discuss their symptoms and various treatments they have experimented with.

Welcome and Enjoy! 

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